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Absorbent building materials can be mixed with water can be a disaster waiting to happen.  This can happen in the strangest places as well and it can go unseen for years. Mold in the cracks of the attic or the depths of the basement are some common areas.  However, between the walls and under the trim boards can be a likely location as well, especially in bathrooms. Mold Remediation means removal and not to just cover up.


Water and flood damage can build as the water sits.  Getting the water out and cleaned up as quickly as possible is a must to ensure the best results.  Whether it’s a natural disaster or pipe that has burst or leaking we can help. We will fix the issues that cause the flood when possible and clean up all the water and mold that it’s created as well.  We take flood and water damage seriously and want to make the area safe for you and your family.


Asbestos removal is a pretty dangerous job for the average homeowner.  We have been highly trained in asbestos removal to allow us to remove it safely for everyone.  This is important as Asbestos is okay as long as it’s not damaged or touched. As soon as the damage starts though, the asbestos can start to float in the air.  Once airborne, that’s when it becomes very unsafe. Asbestos was used in all kinds of building materials, if unsure, leave it to us.


Your home or office has experienced a fire.  This can leave you filled with a range of emotions and overwhelmed with everything.  Let us handle the cleanup and restoration. We have done countless fire damage restoration and will have your building looking like it did or better in no time.  Fire restoration doesn’t just include fixing the burnt areas, but also removing the smoke smell and any water damage that occurred as well.

Our Restoration Services

Our restoration services are here when life gets you down.  Usually people are not in a happy place when they need our services, however, we will help you get out.  After a fire or flood life can seem a bit overwhelming, that’s why finding the right restoration company is important. Be sure you ask a lot of questions and understand what they are quoting you and what their intentions are.  There are lots of restoration services out there but finding the one that you feel comfortable is important. After all, they are there restoring your home or building back to what it once was. They will be in your home or building for a while, so going with someone that you are comfortable with is important.

Fire Damage Recovery

We are a dedicated team that is here to make our client’s lives get better.  We work with smoke damage from a fire, water damage from a flood or leaking pipe, offer bathroom remodels as well as mold removal.  If tragedy has struck, we can help. We understand that some of our services go hand in hand as well. Things such as water damage and mold removal may be needed before a rebuild can even occur.  And, that’s why hiring a restoration company is so important. We are more than a general contractor or builder we help repair more than just the structure but all the issues that were caused when the structure was damaged.

Flood and Water Damage Repair

Our goal while working in your home or office to make things get better.  We take pride in our work area and clean up often to ensure the area is neat and tidy.  To us, this is a reflection of pride in our company as well as respectful of your property.  We will do an honest and fair job and will not give you some low ball number to just get the job with a bunch of follow up issues.  Sure, issues can arise. However, we have worked in restoration long enough that we kind of has an idea of what to foresee ahead based on what we currently have found.  If you are looking for water damage, flood damage, fire damage or roof damage repair, you have found the right place.

Leaking Pipe and Mold Repair

Many restoration jobs take time, but the final result is nothing but amazing.   Things can and will be restored back to what they once were. And, life will at some point get better.  We have seen many homes in a wreck and the transformation is amazing. Let us help you get your life back to normal.  If you don’t have a huge flood or fire, but only a leaking pipe that you just discovered, that’s okay. We work with big jobs as well as small jobs in the restoration area.  And, we also do bathroom remodels should that be something you’re looking for.

Our bathroom remodels can not only change out a few fixtures, but it can also take your bathroom and completely change the layout.  Many times the old bathrooms weren’t laid for maximum use of space. Let us help you get the bathroom of your dreams.

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